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Terminate User workflow

Exercise 1: terminate User workflow

Nothing more needs to be explained at this stage, the terminate user workflow is almost identical to the terminate user group workflow. As a reminder, and for completeness, the terminate workflow for the User product uses following steps:

>> store_process_subscription(Target.TERMINATE)
>> unsync
>> deprovision_user
>> set_status(SubscriptionLifecycle.TERMINATED)
>> resync
>> done

Use the skeleton below to create the file workflows/user/

from orchestrator.forms import FormPage
from orchestrator.forms.validators import Label
from orchestrator.targets import Target
from orchestrator.types import InputForm, SubscriptionLifecycle, UUIDstr
from orchestrator.workflow import done, init, step, workflow
from orchestrator.workflows.steps import resync, set_status, store_process_subscription, unsync
from orchestrator.workflows.utils import wrap_modify_initial_input_form

from products import User

# initial input form generator

# deprovision user step

# terminate user workflow

Spoiler: for inspiration look at an example implementation of the user terminate workflow