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The Workflow Orchestrator is a framework of tools that help the developer create workflow to modify the lifecycle of subscribed products. It is un-opinionated in what it can orchestrate, but very opinionated in how. The Orchestrator is designed to run linear workflows that represent the business process of delivering a product. In comparison to other workflow engines like Camunda or Airflow we try to keep the options of the developer limited. In most cases the Workflow Orchestrator framework is flexible enough to handle the intelligence needed in the business process.


The core functionality of the framework is relatively simple:

  • There is a simple step engine that executes python functions.
  • Every step is designed to be atomic to make execution as safe as possible.
  • When using the Workflow Orchestrator with the example-ui, it is possible to create highly dynamic forms in Python. The developer does not need to implement any code in the frontend to get started straight away.
  • Furthermore we are working on an extensive set of tools to help bootstrap the development experience.