2.4 L2 VPN

The Layer 2 VPN service is much like the Layer 2 point-to-point service, which makes it possible to reuse existing product blocks, with a few differences such as the absence of fixed inputs. The L2_vpn_virtual_circuit product block inherits from the L2_ptp_virtual_circuit product block, and adds attributes to (dis)allow VLAN retagging and control over the BUM filter. And because a VPN can have one or more endpoints, unlike a point-to-point that has exactly two endpoints, the list of service attach points is overridden to reflect this.

  • bum_filter: enable broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast (BUM) traffic filter
  • vlan_retagging: allow VLAN retagging on endpoints
  • sap: a constrained list of at least one Layer2 service attach point