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The Orchestrator web interface

As part of the Workflow Orchestrator setup it's possible to run a web interface. An example of how to setup the web interface is provided in the Example orchestrator UI repository. It works 'out-of-the-box' with a standard Workflow orchestrator engine and can be expanded with extra fields and pages and customized with your branding. It shows an example local development setup.

Short overview

The Orchestrator UI is based on the NextJS framework which in turn is based on React. It uses the Orchestrator UI component library NPM package to provide most of the functionality. The Example orchestrator UI repository shows how to provide configuration and customization.


Before running an installation of the Workflow Orchestrator UI make sure to have these installed

- NodeJS, version > 21
- npm
- A git client


  • Clone the example ui repository git clone
  • Install the npm packages npm i
  • Set the correct env variables. The defaults from .env.example will work out of the box with the example orchestrator backend cp .env.example .env
  • Run the application npm run dev
  • The orchestrator ui now runs on http://localhost:3000