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The data and business rules of the products and product blocks are modelled in Workflow Orchestrator domain models. A product is a collection of one or more product blocks, and zero or more fixed inputs. Fixed inputs are customer-facing attributes that cannot be changed at will by a customer because they are constrained in some way, for example by a physical constraint such as the speed of a port or a financial constraint such as the maximum capacity of a service. Product blocks are collections of resource types (customer-facing attributes) that together describe a set of attributes that can be repeated one or more times within a product and can optionally point to other product blocks. A product block is a logical collection of resource types that taken together make reusable instances. They can be referenced many times from within other products and make it possible to build a logical topology of the network within the orchestrator database. A subscription is a product instantiation for a specific customer. See the rest of the Workflow Orchestrator documentation for more details.