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Setting up a development environment

To add features to the repository follow the following procedure to setup a working development environment.

Installation (Development)

Install the project and its dependencies to develop on the code.

Step 1 - install flit:

pip install flit

Step 2 - install the development code:

flit install --deps develop --symlink


Make sure to use the flit binary that is installed in your environment. You can check the correct path by running

which flit

Running tests

Run the unit-test suite to verify a correct setup.

Step 1 - Create a database

createuser -sP nwa
createdb orchestrator-core-test -O nwa

Step 2 - Run tests

pytest test/unit_tests

If you do not encounter any failures in the test, you should be able to develop features in the orchestrator-core.

Adding to the documentation

Documentation for the Orchestrator is written by using Mkdocs. To contribute to them follow the instructions above to step 2, you can then develop them locally by running:

mkdocs serve

This should make the docs available on your local machine here: