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Terminate UserGroup workflow

Exercise 1: terminate UserGroup workflow

The terminate workflow is intended to end an subscription on a product for a customer, releasing all provisioned resources. The terminate workflow for the UserGroup product uses the following steps:

>> store_process_subscription(Target.TERMINATE)
>> unsync
>> deprovision_user_group
>> set_status(SubscriptionLifecycle.TERMINATED)
>> resync
>> done

All builtin steps used here were already discussed and follow the same pattern, record the workflow process that was started for this subscription with store_process_subscription, and protect the steps that modify the subscription and/or OSS and BSS with unsync and resync. The only extra builtin step used in the terminate worfklow is set_status to set the subscription lifecycle state toTERMINATED.

The only task for the custom step deprovision_user_group is to deprovision the user group from the imaginary group provisioning system.

Also no new or changed input is needed for this workflow, instead the input form is used to ask the user if he/she really wants to terminate the subscription. This is done by using a Label to show a question on the input form:

from orchestrator.forms.validators import Label

    class TerminateForm(FormPage):
        are_you_sure: Label = f"Are you sure you want to remove {subscription.description}?"

Remember that you can use the standard product method from_subscription() to fetch the subscription from the database.

Besides the question if the user really wants to terminate the subscription, only the Cancel and Submit button are shown on the input form. If the user clicks the Cancel button then the terminate workflow is not started, so nothing really happens. If the user clicks the Submit button then the terminate workflow is started and will execute all steps that in the end will result in a terminated subscription. Note that none of the workflow steps is using user input from the State because there was no user input given.

Use the skeleton below to create the file workflows/user_group/

from orchestrator.forms import FormPage
from orchestrator.forms.validators import Label
from orchestrator.targets import Target
from orchestrator.types import InputForm, State, SubscriptionLifecycle, UUIDstr
from orchestrator.workflow import done, init, step, workflow
from orchestrator.workflows.steps import resync, set_status, store_process_subscription, unsync
from orchestrator.workflows.utils import wrap_modify_initial_input_form

from products import UserGroup

# initial input form generator

# deprovision user group step

# terminate user group workflow

Spoiler: for inspiration look at an example implementation of the user group terminate workflow