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Start orchestrator and client


Start orchestrator

From the example-orchestrator folder, use Uvicorn to start the orchestrator:

uvicorn --host --port 8080 main:app

Visit the app to view the API documentation.

Start client

From the orchestrator-core-gui folder, initialize your shell environment with the variables from .env.local and start the client:

source .env.local
# on MacOS make sure node@14 is being used
export PATH="/usr/local/opt/node@14/bin:$PATH"
yarn start

Point a web browser to $REACT_APP_BACKEND_URL.

Docker compose

Using Docker compose the only thing needed to start all application is to run:

docker compose up

And point a browser to http://localhost:3000/.


Once opened in the browser, ignore the message about the CRM not being responsive, this workshop does not include the setup of an interface to a CRM, fake customers IDs will be used instead.