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Modify User workflow

Exercise 1: modify User workflow

The modify User workflow is also very similar to the modify UserGroup workflow, except for the different set of resource types that can be changed. This workflow uses the following steps:

>> store_process_subscription(Target.MODIFY)
>> unsync
>> modify_user_subscription
>> resync
>> done

To show the current user group in the dropdown on the input form, the subscription ID of that user group is needed. But the User subscription only contains a reference to the UserGroupBlock, not the UserGroup subscription that is needed. Luckily, every instantiated product block has an attribute owner_subscription_id that contains the subscription ID of the subscription owning this product block instance.

The choice_list input both returns a list as result and expects a list of values that it uses to display the currently selected item(s). The following will display a dropdown showing the currently selected user group:

user_group_id: user_group_selector() = [str(]

Use the skeleton below to create the file workflows/user/, and note that the user_group_selector from the create workflow is being reused:

from typing import List, Optional

from orchestrator.forms import FormPage
from orchestrator.targets import Target
from orchestrator.types import FormGenerator, State, UUIDstr
from orchestrator.workflow import done, init, step, workflow
from orchestrator.workflows.steps import resync, store_process_subscription, unsync
from orchestrator.workflows.utils import wrap_modify_initial_input_form

from products.product_types.user import User
from products.product_types.user_group import UserGroup
from workflows.user.create_user import user_group_selector

# initial input form generator

# modify user step

# modify user workflow

Spoiler: for inspiration look at an example implementation of the user modfiy workflow