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Modify UserGroup workflow

Exercise 1: modify UserGroup workflow

The modify workflow can be used to change some or all of the resource types of an existing subscription. In this case the following workflow steps will be used:

>> store_process_subscription(Target.MODIFY)
>> unsync
>> modify_user_group_subscription
>> resync
>> done

Besides the subscription administration that needs to be done, which probably already starts to look familiar, there is only one custom step that needs to be implemented. Most of the builtin steps were already discussed, but the unsync step is new. As can be guessed, this step has the opposite effect as the resync step, it sets an subscription out of sync for the duration of the modify which prohibits other workflows being started for this subscription.

The modify_user_group_subscription step has three simple tasks. It will store the changed name of the group in the resource type user_group of the subscription. Secondly, it will change the subscription description to reflect the changed user group name. And last but not least, the user group name is also updated in the imaginary external user group provisioning system. Do not forget to return a Dict with a key 'subscription' to merge the updated subscription into the workflow State, otherwise updates to the subscription will also not be saved to the database.

The only thing remaining now is to create an initial input form generator that will show an input form with a string input field that shows the existing user group name, and allows for changes to be made. This is established by assigning the existing value to the input field used to enter the user group name. And as an extra, a second read-only field will be shown with the user group ID. For the latter the forms helper function ReadOnlyField can be used in the following way:

group_id: int = ReadOnlyField(subscription.user_group.group_id)

But where does the instantiated subscription come from in the initial input form generator? Remember that the workflow State available to the input form does not include the subscription, it only has the subscription_id at that stage. Luckily every product has a standard from_subscription() method that takes an subscription ID as argument that will fetch the subscription from the database and returns a fully instantiated domain model. Remember to use the wrap_modify_initial_input_form wrapper for this modify workflow to make the subscription ID available to the input form.

Use the skeleton below to create the file workflows/user_group/

from orchestrator.forms import FormPage, ReadOnlyField
from orchestrator.targets import Target
from orchestrator.types import FormGenerator, State, UUIDstr
from orchestrator.workflow import done, init, step, workflow
from orchestrator.workflows.steps import resync, store_process_subscription, unsync
from orchestrator.workflows.utils import wrap_modify_initial_input_form

from products.product_types.user_group import UserGroup

# initial input form generator

# modify user group step

# modify user group workflow

Spoiler: for inspiration look at an example implementation of the user group modfiy workflow