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Explore the GUI and API

Is the example orchestrator working?

If the orchestrator setup including the products that were created as part of this workshop do not work for some reason or the other, it is possible to quickly setup a working example orchestrator by following the steps below (on Debian add sudo where needed):

git clone
cd example-orchestrator-beginner
# only drop database when you are really sure!
echo 'drop database "orchestrator-core";' | psql postgres
createdb orchestrator-core -O nwa
workon example-orchestrator || mkvirtualenv --python python3.11 example-orchestrator
pip install orchestrator-core
PYTHONPATH=. python db init
cp -av examples/*add_user_and_usergroup* migrations/versions/schema
PYTHONPATH=. python db upgrade heads
ENABLE_WEBSOCKETS=True uvicorn --host --port 8080 main:app


It is now time to explore the GUI and API. With the set of products created during this workshop users and groups can be created, modified and deleted. The easiest way is by using the GUI at:


But also check out the API at:

And look at the products:

curl | jq

Or get a list of subscriptions:

curl | jq

Or inspect the instantiated domain model for a subscription ID:

curl<subscription_id> | jq

And for the adventurers, create a subscription from the command line:

curl -X POST \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ \
    --data '[
    "product": "a03eb19a-8a83-4964-85ea-98371f1d87f8"
    "group_name": "Test Group"