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The purpose of the Workflow Orchestrator programme is to provide an easy-to-use set of tools, samples and documentation for automating and orchestrating order, administration and provisioning processes. The programme was started to facilitate worldwide collaboration in the field of (network) automation and orchestration, by sharing code, knowledge, examples and ideas.

The Workflow Orchestrator programme has been established under The Commons Conservancy foundation and runs its own governance.

Current positions:

Board Members

  • Migiel de Vos - SURF (Chair) [until May 2023]
  • Hans Trompert - SURF [until May 2024]
  • John Macauley - ESnet [until May 2023]

Core Developers

  • Peter Boers - SURF (Technical Lead)
  • Scott Richmond - ESnet

Several projects with code, examples and documentation have been defined and are available here. You can also visit our github page.